These achievements by our state Democratic officers and legislators were presented at the California Democrats State Convention the second week of March.

  • A balanced state budget with at reserve of $1.1 billion and an end to cuts to education funding
  • Raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour, boosting earnings by $4,000 a year and giving over one million hardworking Californians a better life
  • The California Dream Act expanding opportunity of all students across California
  • The School Success and Opportunity Act ensuring transgender youth have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in schools across the state
  • Lowering California’s unemployment rate and adding incentives for employers to hire veterans and those who have been jobless for over six months
  • Driver licenses for undocumented immigrants improving safety, living standards and California’s economy
  • The Climate Change Pact reducing greenhouse gases and promoting clean energy
  • The Homeowners Bill of Rights allowing more families to stay in their home by preventing foreclosing during loan modification
  • Gun control laws including banning lead hunting ammunition, curbs on high-capacity magazines, new limits on firearms storage, and keeping guns from the mentally ill
  • Expanding access to safe family planning options for women in underserved rural communities
  • Online voter registration making it easier for more Californians to have their voice heard by participating in the election process
  • School funding reform directing more resources to the neediest students and restoring local control over how money is spent
  • Middle Class Scholarship Program slashing student fees at UC and CSU up to 40% for families making under $100,000


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